Is JUST FRED right for your Fred?

It's a valid question.
Our brand is for a very specific type.
The underdog.
The animal lover.
The inseparable duo looking to look fleek while making an impact at the same time.
If that sounds like you, you'll probably love our style.

And day by day, through cruelty-free dog fashion, we're helping our four-legged friends in their golden ages find a home that will give them the support, love, and care they deserve and reduce their time in shelters overall. Every time you make a purchase at JUST FRED, not only is your fur baby getting a high quality and chic fashion upgrade, but you'll also be contributing to organizations that ensure shelter animals and senior dogs are given another shot at life.

We're setting a trend and inviting you to help us spread it. A trend where fashion pays it forward and senior dogs finish strong.


Designed for your fur baby to chill in style and comfort while you're on the go.


Ensuring you will never lose each other.


The perfect tote for you guys to see the world together in style and comfort while you're on the go.

Harness Kit.

Harness + Leash + #2 💩 Pouch
Everything you need to either get started or upgrade your walk game.


Our commitment is to help enrich the lives of dogs that oftentimes are overlooked due to their age or conditions. For this reason, with every purchase made, together we will contribute to select organizations to ensure that shelter animals, especially senior dogs are given the love and care that they so truly deserve.


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Everyone is asking me where I got it!!!

I live in Copenhagen and people are asking me on the street where I got this amazing pouch. So functional and slick and just cool!!! Definitely getting more as gifts for friends. :)

- Heidi G.

Beautiful High Quality Materials

Our dog, Frank, loves his new carrying bag and harness and leash! The carrier is made of such beautiful material and feels so good to the touch. It's also the perfect size, and comes with all sorts of thoughtful details, pockets, zippers, openings, and even a little pouch slit for poop bags.

You can tell there was a lot of care and consideration put into everything. This company makes great stuff.

- Jake D

Best gift ever!

I bought 2 hoodies as gifts for my friends dogs and the reaction was incredible! The dogs love being in them and my friends LOVED them! I’m about to purchase a few more as gifts for friend’s pets. Best gift ever!!!!!

- Andréa


My puppy wouldn’t take to any other carry cases for travel and I was so nervous to take him on his first flight. I ordered the just Fred weekend tote and he he did SO WELL! The compartments were super helpful, it was lightweight and the perfect size and he was so much less anxious because his head was able to stay out. Highly recommend.

- Casey K.

So excited to finally find a vegan tote!!

This tote is great for so many reasons. It's luxurious and sleek. My Chi-mix loves how comfy it is. Love that Just Fred has this option for vegans!

-Sal N.

Just Fred, for cats too.

Good service for a new company and I found the products to be excellent quality and value. I was hesitant because I have cats, not dogs but the collars are purrfict :-) and the cats don't object to using the carrier like they do the hard carriers I used to use. Nice job Fred and I plan on being a customer for a long time.

- Calvin T.