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We have named him Goose and he is a sweet boy. He was one of the 30 dogs confiscated down south and he has probably lived outside his entire life with no vet care and no idea what it is like to be someone's pet. He was starved and left outdoors during that awful cold snap at the end of December and is really enjoying his new life inside a home.

He seems to be settling in and spends his day napping and playing with his new toys. He is a lot like a new puppy since everything is new to him now. He seems to have some vision impairments and came into the shelter about 13 pounds underweight so he has a ways to go to get him feeling better, but we are excited to give him the love he has never had! ❤️

To adopt Goose, please visit to apply and ask questions!


If you need a lil 'tude in your life, Loretta has got plenty of it! At 12 years old, Loretta isn't about to let anyone walk all over her, so to speak. The truth is Loretta needs a really patient and a really accepting person to give her a chance. She's not going to be your best friend on day one, and she may even try to "gum" you with her lone snaggle tooth. But she is who she is and she's as cute as can be! And a little time will go a long way with this sassy senior.

Loretta does great with the resident dogs in her foster home. She loves a short walk or two, she is keen on naps, is cool rocking a diaper to avoid any accidents in the home and has accepted that her role in life is to wear cute sweaters (they also keep her warm).

While she is super sweet, it does take her time to warm up to new people. ❤️

To adopt Loretta, email to apply!


Meet available Laverne! This sweet senior is named after one half of the iconic sitcom friends Laverne & Shirley.

Laverne has some lessened mobility in her rear legs but it definitely doesn't hinder her playful and loyal nature.

Laverne is always ready for some serious head scratches and to find her forever home.

To adopt Laverne, please email with questions or to apply!


Hi! I'm Jefferson! Handsome, eh?

I'm an 8-9 year old 45 lb Cattle dog mix (best guess!). I'm the perfect age!

Happy to go on a leisurely stroll but just as happy to get cozy on the couch! I am great with dogs-fostered with two small Shih Tzu's.

I have some arthritis which is being very well managed with meds. I am house broken and crate trained. I am initially shy but don't let that deter you. Shy dogs are the best of friends! Just give us a second.

Can't wait to meet ya! ❤️

To adopt Jefferson, please visit to apply and ask questions!


Turns out our 3.5 pound senior chi ❤️CHICALINO❤️ aka Chico is heavy heartworm positive and has an enlarged heart from it.

He's neutered already and toothless, so he will never need a dental cleaning. That's a good thing at least, as he didn't need to have anesthesia. But still, we know being heartworm positive makes him even LESS adoptable for many folks. For us, we love him just as much and have already started treatment.

We cover the cost of treatment at our clinic, even after adoption, but we hope that there's a family out there still wanting to adopt him.

He's SUPER loving, has great spirits, and is good with dogs, cats, and kids (though he would prefer a home with kids who are older and little dog savvy). Can we get him a forever home? 🤞💞

Apply to adopt today. Nationwide transport available (for approved applicants)!

LWHadoptables on Venmo
*Po Box 5458, Bryan, TX 77805
Donate button on our IG


Roxi is a beautiful senior who is looking for a family that has a home with a fenced yard. She enjoys living with another dog and hanging outside, but she does not feel comfortable walking on a leash at this time.

She will thrive in a home that can provide her a safe place to run and be free!

Overall, Roxi is very well behaved and wonderful in the home. She enjoys her crate as a "safe space" and will use it at her leisure.

Roxi is ready to go home! ❤️

To adopt Roxi, please email to apply and ask questions!