Our Story.



JUST FRED is a pet accessories brand that was inspired by our founder, Tennille Teague, and her two senior dogs Mo and Rizzo with a dual mission at her core; to create elevated & comfortable products for our pets while also providing direct support for the underdogs, like hers, that did not initially get a fair shake. We feel passionate about raising awareness & comfortability around the adoption of homeless dogs, especially the older ones, who are oftentimes overlooked due to their age or conditions.

Day by day, we are helping these senior dogs find the loving owners they deserve and reducing their time in shelters overall. For this reason, with every purchase made, together we will contribute to select organizations to ensure that shelter animals & senior dogs are given the love and care that they so truly deserve.



Let’s be honest, we didn’t do this for you.
We started this business just for Fred.
And Mo and Rizzo. And every other dog like them.
The ones who are our four-legged listeners, our guides, and companions.
Our confidantes, and partners in crime.

We do what we do because we understand the bond between dogs and human can be thicker than blood. We believe that leashes weren't invented to avoid losing our dogs, but rather so we don't lose each other. From the Greatest Dane to the smallest mutt, we believe they all deserve the very best.

That's the secret sauce, really.

From our totes to our pouches to our leashes, hoodies and beyond - all of our products are cruelty-free and designed with love and passion for all the Fred's out there.

As an emerging dog accessories brand that sits (+ stays) in the intersection of freedom and alternative self-expression, we are a community that celebrates the misfits, parties with the punks yet can still dine with the queen.