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DUMONT, NJ: You say Potato, he says Potato! This 11 year old Potato doesn't care how you say his name, he just wants to know you love him.

Potato is the most funny, pudgy little Chihuahua man you’ll ever meet. While we absolutely adore this handsome boy, we aren’t so thrilled that he’s been with us since March.

Potato is very loyal to his person and will insist on lap time and belly rubs. He loves to go on walks and will let the neighborhood know he’s comin! Potato is good with other dogs. He likes to bark at and chase the cats who live in his foster home, but he doesn’t hurt them. We think he’s mostly fond of smaller dogs as companions, but might be happiest with a human-only family, if that is a possibility for him. However, finding him a family with no other pets isn’t a requirement. He’s a cool little dog so we really hope someone out there will give him a shot!

Potato's back legs are wobbly, but that doesn’t stop him. He also came to us with a mouth full of rotten teeth, which made him very uncomfortable. Luckily for Potato, we recently had him undergo dental surgery, and now he’s so happy and not in pain anymore! Sadly, no teeth were able to be saved, so little Potato is now toothless. (That should say a lot about the condition his poor little mouth was in!)

To adopt Potato, please email with questions or to apply!


CONNECTICUT Are you looking to practice your French with a new best friend? Oui, I hear you saying! Then permit me to introduce myself. I'm Max!

Not only am I bilingual, but I also like playing with toys (I take one wherever I go), running around outside (especially chasing the ball), and basking in the sunshine (who doesn't like that?).

What I want most, though, is a home to call my own. Could you be my person?

I'm waiting patiently at the @cthumanesociety with paws crossed!

56 lbs / 12 years old / ok with dogs and cats


Roscoe's owner passed away from COVID-19 and the immediate family was unable to care for him and he ended up in the city shelter.

This senior gentleman is a BIG boy and a BIG couch potato!

Roscoe loves meandering on his walks and taking his time to sniff all there is to sniff. Roscoe is obviously on the older side, and his muscles are not what they used to be - he is completely unable to do stairs and needs a home on the ground floor or in an elevator building.

Roscoe can be dog selective but he likes the ladies and might be okay in a home with a larger female dog. He is not a fan of cats though and does not want to be bugged by small children. Roscoe is just looking for a place to spend the rest of his days and unfortunately we are now looking for a fospice situation for him.

If you'd interested in rescuing a big senior boy, please reach out to Animal Haven directly!

100+ lbs / 11 years old / not cats or kids


Chiki has been in a home with the same people her whole life. Her Papa passed away recently and the family asked us to find a home for this sweet Senior

Chiki flies to NJ May 22nd. She is shy but sweet and good with other small dogs.
She's 9 years old and 18 lbs.

100% vetted, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped.

⚡️ Please use the below link to submit an application:


When Chiffon arrived at Animal Haven, she took some time to settle in. This poor girl is blind and somehow ended up in the city shelter, where she was understandably terrified with the abrupt change! After all she's been through, she needs a little time to trust new people, but oh, this girl is the sweetest once she gets to know you! With a little bit of patience and lots of treats, this little girl has finally started to trust again. Once she knows she's in a safe place she will wag excitedly when she hears a familiar voice! She'll pause, her head will tilt, and she'll excitedly gallop towards the voices of her favorite people and flop right over for belly rubs.

Chiffon is a very confident walker outside and is great at hitting the weewee pads inside. Sure, she'll sometimes bump into things, but she learns the lay of the land very quickly. She also really loves squeaky toys since they're so fun to listen to!

Chiffon is not a fan of most other animals, although she had one senior chihuahua that she got along with here at Animal Haven, she'd probably do best as the only animal in the household (she's not a fan of cats either) in an adult-only home.

If you have a quiet home and a little patience, please contact Animal Haven for more information on Chiffon.

Things to know about me: Adult-Only Home Preferred, Blind, No Cats, Single Dog Home

Dixie Mae

Dixie Mae has very good manners and needs no training when it comes to living in a home. She's great with children, is 10 years old and weighs 35 pounds. Dixie Mae used to live with a family (which is probably how she learned all of her great habits!) but unfortunately they moved and could not bring Dixie along.

Dixie Mae is an active dog and loves to go for walks and hike. She would do best with an active person or active family. She does have some leash reactivity when she is out and about, so needs an adopter who is willing to work on her leash manners around other dogs. She prefers to be the only dog in the home because she attaches very quickly to her person and wants them all to herself.

Dixie is not on any medications and is in great health. She is located in Soquel, CA. An adopter will need to come meet Dixie prior to adopting to ensure it is a match.

To adopt Dixie Mae, email to apply!