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A Fashion-Forward Thinker, Creative Visionary, and Dog Sweater Enthusiast: Keshia Liverpool

Career: Global Marketing Manager for Apparel, Lifestyle, and Partnerships
Location: Los Angeles
Who’s your FRED?: Kingsley

Keshia Liverpool knows a thing or two about clothing design—and modeling, styling, marketing, merchandising… The list goes on and on! She’s got an eye for of-the-moment fashion, which comes in handy with her amazing work at Youth To The People. But there’s another important title on Keshia’s résumé: the rising star—who appropriately has “Hey, can I bring my dog?” in her Instagram bio—also exudes Cool Dog Mom energy to the max. 

Her lovable mutt Kingsley Shacklebolt (yes, that Kingsley Shacklebolt!) takes his role as Keshia’s personal assistant very seriously. His duties include tagging along on business calls, wooing the office with his infamous puppy dog eyes, sporting a stylish dog sweater, and excelling at being the sweetest sidekick a girl could ask for, little legs and all. 

Sunny Los Angeles is their playground, though Keshia swears by Kingsley’s JUST FRED Lil Baddie Sweater to keep him warm when the Southern California temps dip down low. We had the chance to pick Keshia’s brain about her creative past, present, and future, with plenty of opportunities for Kingsley to steal the show.

FRED: Thanks for chatting with us today, Keshia! Your role at Youth To The People sounds vivid and fascinating—tell us about your time there so far.

Keshia: It’s been an incredible journey! I first modeled for one of their campaigns 5 years ago and asked if they were hiring a year later—and they were! I started as a super part-time shipping coordinator and worked my way up to their Global Marketing Manager for Apparel, Lifestyle, and Partnerships!

FRED: LA’s a great city—what brought you there and what was your journey like before Youth To The People?

Keshia: I was bored living in my small Pennsylvania hometown and moved here on a whim almost 11 years ago! (July 9, 2013, to be exact.) Prior to Youth To The People, I was a freelance stylist and department manager at Zara!

FRED: Dog parenthood also looks to be a major part of who you are. How has life been since you adopted Kingsley?

Keshia: Being a dog mom is a huge part of my personality, lol. I had never owned a dog before Kingsley, but since adopting him, I’ve learned SO much about what it takes to raise a fulfilled dog.

I love seeing him happy and running around on a trail or at the beach in his JUST FRED dog sweater! I’ve also become quite the adventurer because of how much he loves hiking! 

FRED: We love that he’s named for such an awesome Harry Potter character, too. If Kingsley wore the sorting hat, which Hogwarts house would he get?

Keshia: I have debated this with my sister! Lol I think that he’d be in Slytherin (with me!). She thinks Ravenclaw.

FRED: In addition to being rightfully obsessed with your adorable boy, you have an undeniable eye for art, from your Instagram grid to your work at Youth To The People. As a creator, what inspires you the most?

Keshia: Everyday life, people, and the beauty of nature! 

FRED: It’s cool that you’re able to bring Kingsley along to the office. Does he get to go to a lot of places with you?

Keshia: I’m so thankful that my office is dog-friendly. I bring him everywhere he’s allowed; he’s with me about 90% of the time, my little errand buddy! 

FRED: It’s an honor to be dressing a dog whose mom has had such a groundbreaking impact on Youth To The People’s fashion line! Since YTTP’s 2021 foray into apparel, you’ve contributed to their “capsule” launches each year. Which collection has been your favorite?

Keshia: Our Present Moment capsule that launched last year! The messaging and campaign were really fun and resonated with a lot of people, so that was really cool to see the impact! 

FRED: It’s no secret that the world is more than a little tumultuous lately. Does fashion design serve as a positive and productive outlet for you to process those ups and downs? How do you protect your peace when things start to feel especially heavy?

Keshia: Yes! I’m constantly inspired by fashion—diving into the creative process helps me channel my emotions and express myself in a unique way.

But being creative in general, especially outside of work, helps me disconnect from stressors and is incredibly therapeutic. To protect my peace, I’ve gotten really good at establishing boundaries and prioritizing self-care! 

FRED: What drew you to the JUST FRED Lil Baddie Sweater?

Keshia: I saw it on the Sir Dogwood website and literally gasped. The colors and quality are incredible! Easiest purchase ever. 

FRED: You’ve put in a lot of hard work and artistic energy to propel your career forward. What advice would you give to a young creative who’s trying to make it in fashion marketing?

Keshia: Don’t be afraid to ask for the things that you want. And be resilient: it can be a little tough and overwhelming at times, but if you let your passion drive you, you’ll be successful! 

FRED: Lastly, what is Kingsley most excited about for 2024?

Keshia: More paper shredding, hikes, car camping trips in his favorite dog sweater, every single treat, and of course, more JUST FRED clothes! 

For more fresh ideas and doggo videos, follow Keshia and Kingsley’s adventures on Instagram @keshialvrpl and @theekingsleyshacklebolt! And if you have a pup who absolutely needs to be twinning with Kingsley, check out the JUST FRED Lil Baddie Sweater in his signature blue and green pattern. Dress your dog for winter without sacrificing one bit of cuteness.

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