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Creatively Innovative Inside and Out, with a Dog Carrier to Match: Jeremy Jankowski

Career: Lead, Content Partnerships, NA Publishing and Media Cos @ Pinterest
Location: Brooklyn 
Who’s your Fred?: Astro (and Venya ❤️)

We guarantee you’ve never met anyone like Jeremy Jankowski. He commands the attention of every room he walks into, wielding the kind of enigmatic gravitas that only a true icon can possess. On the surface, he accessorizes with gorgeous tattoos, bright nail polish, and a rotation of septum-piercing jewelry that probably has a subscriber following of its own. “Cutting-edge” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But Jeremy’s eye-catching outfits are just the start. Beneath that magnetic exterior, his style expertise extends well beyond fashion and into home decor, where he further experiments with colors, quirks, and his unique artistic flair. The Lead of Content Partnerships, NA Publishing and Media Cos at Pinterest doesn’t hesitate to apply his career know-how to all aspects of his life, beautifying his surroundings while setting an example of what it means to be diligent, curious, and genuine through his personal and professional actions. He’s equal parts curator and businessman, heartfelt artist and enterprising badass, and a student of craft as well as commerce. You could say he contains multitudes.

But Jeremy’s absolute must-have accessory can’t be found in next season’s catalogs: it’s his tiny Chihuahua, Astro, whose clothing collection actually rivals that of his dad’s. Our JUST FRED Weekend Dog Tote (a Limited Edition dog carrier, of course) keeps them close enough to share countless jet-setting adventures and walks around Williamsburg together. We caught these two between their travels to talk shop. 

FRED: It’s such a pleasure to chat with you today, Jeremy! What have you been up to in 2024 so far? Are any exciting projects at Pinterest on the horizon?

Jeremy: It's lovely chatting with you too! This year is off to an exciting start at Pinterest. We're thrilled about the upcoming tools and tweaks for Pinners that we believe will enhance inspiration across the platform even further.

FRED: As a self-proclaimed style lover and tech fanatic, you’ve established your career at an epic intersection of fashion, innovation, and content creation. What do you think about the increasing presence of AI in modern media, and how has that overlap affected your work?

Jeremy: AI is a fascinating topic, especially in its application to various creative fields. My experience with AI has been overwhelmingly positive, as I see it as a tool that drives efficiency both in the workplace and in my personal life. Despite some people's fears about AI in media, I believe that it actually helps us achieve more on a daily basis. For example, I have friends who can now generate images for social media posts that they used to spend hours searching for online. Personally, I use AI to enhance my social copywriting, using it as a tool to help me write more effectively and to inspire new ways of wording things. I firmly believe that AI will not replace anyone in the workforce, but will instead empower us to be more efficient in our roles.

FRED: Your fondness for minimalism in domestic spaces really compliments your eclectic wardrobe. From your tenure at Domino magazine and Refinery29 to your current role at Pinterest, how would you say your design experience and cultural taste influence each other?

Jeremy: To me, home serves as the natural extension of both personal style and mindset. As a homebody, creating a calming and tranquil environment is paramount to me.

I've dedicated considerable effort to cultivating a space that exudes peace, hence my embrace of minimalism.

My apartment is actually a 120-year-old noodle factory—I aimed to honor the space's industrial heritage, incorporating plenty of white space punctuated by eclectic mixes of fascinating items.

This aesthetic mirrors my fashion sense, which leans towards jeans or sweatpants paired with a vintage tee and complemented by fun, eccentric accessories. I have recently loved showcasing new bags or favorite clothing pieces as part of my home decor—fashion is art, why not display it as such?

FRED: If you were to give advice to a person who’s struggling to interpret their most authentic sense of style or revamp their closet to start the new year, where would you suggest they start?

Jeremy: Embrace your true self. Sit down with yourself, free from bias or concern about others’ opinions of your appearance. Explore what truly excites you creatively and makes you tick. In my twenties, I struggled with dating, realizing that my love for eyeliner, studs, leather, and Berlin edginess was often intimidating to many guys. One night, I decided to leave behind all the things that made me happy, opting for a tie and collared shirt instead. While I ended up kissing multiple guys that night, I didn't have fun. I realized that by not authentically dressing as myself, the fun was missing from my night. Fashion and style are intrinsic to my joy. It's important to find ways to express yourself authentically in everything you do.

FRED: Living in Brooklyn seems to have had a pivotal impact on your identity. Do you have any secret favorite spots (fashion, food, or otherwise!) in NY you’d like to share?

Jeremy: I recently turned 40, and it dawned on me that I might just be one of the original “hipsters” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Having lived in the area for 16 years, Brooklyn is where I first felt truly comfortable being myself. You’ll often find me unwinding at Nicky’s Unisex, my go-to spot for drinks. When it comes to thrift shopping, Stella Dallas holds a special place in my heart. Currently, I’m really into the high-low trend in food, with Super Burrito and Fini Pizza topping my list of indulgences.

FRED: Time to put your doggy daddy hat on—tell us about adorable little Astro! How’d he first come into your life?

Jeremy: My first dog, Venya, passed away 5 months after I got divorced. I had her for 17 years and she was truly the love of my life. Not to overshare, but it was a pretty dark time the months after she left. I actually got Astro out of necessity; I needed something to care for and come home to. I found him online and agreed to adopt him sight unseen. They told me he was the sweetest of the bunch, which was the only thing I cared about. And Astro has more than lived up to that reputation: he is the kindest, cuddliest, most well-behaved little guy in the world. I look at Venya as my firstborn daughter and Astro as more of a bestie I pal around with.  

FRED: We can’t imagine how devastating that loss must have been, and thank you for sharing how incredible Venya was with us. You’re lucky to have found each other. Astro’s a pretty special boy then, with a (clearly inherited) zest for trends in the canine clothing sphere. Has he always embraced his fashionista birthright?

Jeremy: One experience I have loved since getting him is meeting younger neighborhood kids who naturally use nonbinary pronouns when meeting Astro for the first time. It may seem trivial, but it reflects a beautiful way of approaching life. He enjoys wearing a variety of clothing, including dresses, t-shirts, and his beloved JUST FRED sweatshirt—even when he’s in his dog carrier. During colder months, I often dress him in cozy onesies. My personal style has rubbed off on him ;-) 

FRED: Astro is the perfect ambassador for our JUST FRED Weekend Dog Tote. What requirements did you have in mind when shopping for a dog carrier?


I absolutely adore the Just Fred tote! Astro is my first non-hypoallergenic dog, so finding a material that doesn't trap dog hair was crucial. The cushion at the bottom of the carrier is a huge hit with him. Plus, the edgier vibe of the tote fits perfectly with our aesthetic.

FRED: What would you say to your 20-year-old self, if you had the chance to tell him anything?

Jeremy: I would advise him not to invest too much time in relationships with men who weren't the right fit for you. Before meeting my ex-husband, I went through a string of unsuccessful relationships, driven by a sense of urgency as I neared 30. Outside of that, nothing, because every rough learning experience helped shape who I am today. 

FRED: Finally, we know that you’re a Madonna superfan—which song of hers embodies your personality, and which one embodies Astro’s?

Jeremy: I am a Madonna superfan! No one has had quite the illustrious career fighting against injustices and inequality in the same vein as her. No surprise here, but “Human Nature” is probably the closest aligned to my personality. I like to think Astro’s fun nature is best described with “Music.” 

Wishing Jeremy would adopt you too? Same. But since our Limited Edition JUST FRED Weekend Dog Tote only fits up to medium-sized doggos, you can live vicariously through Astro on Instagram @astrojjanko and follow along with Jeremy’s work there @jeremyjanko!

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